Superb Nights in Singapore

Someone told me that Singapore is the country neither for sightseeing nor fun. I agree to some extent, since the country is a city state, small, too neat and somewhat artificial.
Having said that, I love Singaporean cuisine, where the west, India, Maly, and the east meet. The mixture of the cultures fosters a variety of foods.
British influence has left a gift of nice ales.

I stayed in Singapore from July 20th to 26th.
Here are some of my favorites restaurants:
1. MART Boulevard, 8 Shenton Way Singapore (6227-3487). The best place for beers.
2. Brewerkz at Clark Quay http://www.brewerkz.com/index.htm

, and a bar at Emerald Hill Road to which I always visit when I am in Singapore.
I love the nightlife there. That is a superb choice of bustling pubs, relaxing wine bars and beer pubs.