Somewhere in north

Fly Fishing (F.F. in short) is one of my favorites. I think F.F. is completely different from other fishing sports which use real baits such as worms. Thus F.F. by definition is an artificially difficult sport. I prefer dry fly fishing, with line and artificial flies that float on cold mountain streams. Targets are trouts.

Have you ever watched the movie called “A river runs through it?”

The movie shows American F.F. which is in wider and deeper rivers. I prefer small cold streams in high mountains. This summer I enjoyed such trout fishing in north. Doing F.F. in mountains relives me of stress and pains in urban life.

There was a perfectly peaceful atmosphere. I felt an illusion I almost met the Forest Spirit (Shishigami in the original Japanese), described as a "god of life and death" which appeared in Princess Mononoke.

I caught trouts, some of them had beautiful parr mark, bigger trouts became pseudo smolt.
Nice weather, goof friends and beautiful trouts were there.