Am I "Care Taker?"

This article written in Japanese criticizes how Japanese expatriates are spoiled and they are worthless to respect.
I fully agree this criticism and have to admit that the expatriates have room to improve their way of lives.
According to this article, the expatriates are called “Care Takers" which  means “Immature Kids of whom locally hired employees always have to take care.”
CEO sent from Japan is called King of Care Taker, and well-known in terms of his/her inefficiency where instructions are vague and not-prioritized. 
The expatriates know very well what are taking place in Tokyo Head quarters, but they don’t know what is happening over the world.  They can’t discuss topics related history, culture, and politics, but can enjoy chatting on baseball, golf, and gossips. 

It’s a painful truth to overcome.

Here is the original article. Unfortunately, it is written in Japanese and worthwhile to translate to English.


A New Year's Resolution

Read an article, "Managing for breakthroughs in productivity" by  Allan L. Scher, 2005, during New Year's vacation.
How might we intentionally  produce productivity  breakthroughs in our existing
organizations and  culture?
There is a correlation between the magnitude of the possible breakthrough and the size of the gap between the business-as-usual results and the results committed to.
You commitment to pursue your dream will be your great priority.
Knowing a breakdown which is the result of the gap between what can be
predicted and what is committed, you have to come up with your agenda to fulfill the breakdown.

That is a part of my new year's resolutions.