Cloud Design Pattern

Reading AWS Cloud Design Pattern (CDP)  is completed.
(JP version is also available here)

The article, Cloud Design Patterns (CDP),  shows me "A programmer gets another power of programming  over dynamic system configuration."  PaaS has opened a new vista,  where cloud  enables programmable data center configuration.


Wannabe Cross Country Cyclist (over Kamakura Alps :-)

Between Kamakura and Yokohama, there is a small trail called "Beetles Trail." I don't know why it's called "Beetles" though, it has been a well-known path ridge which divided two provinces, Musashi and Sagami from 7th century to 19th century. It still exists as a hiking route from Yokohama to Kamakura, and  seems very popular for hikers and train runners.
This afternoon, I pulled out my MTB(2003 Specialized Stumpjumper M4, which I love in its light weight  with rim brakes)  from the storage box (SERFAS Bike Case) and composed it (which takes 10 min always ;-|) , so as to hit the trail. I still want to be a XCer
(Cross Country Cyclist) , even though I have to carry the bike in a steep slope on my shoulder.
It was a nice winter day for a short riding to go Kamakura from hills.

A trail map, which is unfortunately written in Japanese, is linked here.


Commuting to my office (Osaka-Kyoto, in 1998)

I dig out my old pictures taken when I was living in Osaka, My home was located among Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka. I was commuting from my home in Osaka to my office in Kyoto via Nara. That was a kind of Inter-Prefecture Commuting Cyclist. The above route map shows the  distance and elevation gain, which are  about 12.3km and 280m respectively. Those days,I really enjoyed my daily workout with my bicycle which I still own here Yokohama. The picture below was taken during hill-climbing to Nara.

I was still young at that time for climbing the mountain every single morning.
Cateye Daylite (with two wide and spot halogen lights) was equipped for night riding to return to my home.
Those are of my precious old memories.