Commuting to my office (Osaka-Kyoto, in 1998)

I dig out my old pictures taken when I was living in Osaka, My home was located among Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka. I was commuting from my home in Osaka to my office in Kyoto via Nara. That was a kind of Inter-Prefecture Commuting Cyclist. The above route map shows the  distance and elevation gain, which are  about 12.3km and 280m respectively. Those days,I really enjoyed my daily workout with my bicycle which I still own here Yokohama. The picture below was taken during hill-climbing to Nara.

I was still young at that time for climbing the mountain every single morning.
Cateye Daylite (with two wide and spot halogen lights) was equipped for night riding to return to my home.
Those are of my precious old memories.

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