Out of nowhere strategy for Fly Fishing

As for a successful fly fishing, there exist three ways to achieve it. Those are to be

1. a Fly Fishing master with excellent F.F. skills and tactics
2. a wealthy person who can fly to north in a long distance.
3. a healthy person who can climb up/down through mountains from/into rivers.

The latter two approaches adopt an “out-of-nowhere” strategy, in which we can go to a promising place dedicated only for my company. None except us can do F.F. there.
On August 30th, I woke up 3:00 AM, and I drove my car 100 mile to north. Moreover, 10 mile trail walk and 1000 foot cliff climbing brought me to such a promising place.

I was so tired and exhausted though, I got three trouts of 1 foot size.
This F.F. concludes this season.