Excellent Generation Y in Hong Kong

I visited Hong Kong last week for an educational event with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).
I love that state as an independent territory from the mainland China. Please don’t misinterpret my observation. I always love a mixture of cultures. Hong Kong is unique in terms of the fact that mixing different things make more than the simple mixtures.

Someone wrote “Hong Kong disappears through simple dualities such as East/West and tradition/modernity. What is missing from a view of Hong Kong as merely a colony is the paradox that Hong Kong has benefited from and made a virtue of its dependent colonial status, turning itself into a global and financial city and outstripping its colonizer in terms of wealth.”

That’s true. I agree. Nevertheless it seems Hong Kong has its strength. Through the event with HKUST, I’ve learned so much from the students which I consulted as their mentor. The findings are that they are very aggressive, well-motivated, productive, talkative, risk-taking, and self-steamed.

Chinese press reported my observation on the students as follows.
(Note: I can’t read Chinese.)
There are a typical Generation Y culture, in which it is said that they can be described by the following keywords: Optimistic, Idealistic, Empowered, Ambitious, Confident, Committed Passionate, and Traditional.
(Note: Generation Y is the generation following Generation X, especially people born in western culture from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. The generation is also alternatively defined as the children of the Baby Boomer generation., according to Wikipedia)

The story is getting redundant. To sum up, my Hong Kong generation Y showed a consistent culture of US, while the generation Y in Japan showed the generation X heritage more. They are more Immature, Moderate, Isolated, Leaden, Fated and Superstitious. I may have a lot of objection from my junior colleagues though, Japan is a bit behind the globalization where East and West meet.

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