My Talk at Japan Android Group

Japan Android Group invited me to give a talk, given two keywords:cloud and Android.
Here is the abstract and snapshot of my presentation at Japan Android Group, Tokyo, Jan. 18th, 2009.

An Operator's View on Cloud Device Era
This talk conveys three major messages: 1.Emergence of cloud devices and its impact to communication culture among people, 2.Role of broadband wireless, especially of 3G Long Term Evolution (3G LTE) in the era of cloud devices, and 3.Operator’s imperatives to foster a new ecosystem with innovative content providers (CPs), e.g., Android Market participants.The concept of cloud computing is not far from Tim O’Reilly’s insight: Web 2.0 (see http://oreilly.com/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html) . What is changing from the original web.2.0 concept is that data aggregation and integration over clouds is in full progress and those have reached to a critical stage for communication paradigm shift. You can see those examples in Google applications, Twitter, mobile SNSes, etc. (see also my blog article at http://micketoh.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-2010-r-plan-beyond-web-20-and-cloud.html) The 3G LTE technology will support such cloud devices in two years by providing a fat pipe with very low latency, say 10msec. Lessons learned from AT&T wireless' case in launching i-phones are reported and discussed so as to emphasize inevitable broadband wireless. As for the last message, operator’s imperatives, we point out operator’s customer base, with payment systems and customers’trusting data, leverages creating a new ecosystems in the cloud device era. Those imperatives are (a) providing service charging system, (b) customers’ data aggregation and its fair use, and (c) providing network APIs especially of location, presence and AAA, to CPs in the new ecosystem. Detailed discussion follows in the talk.

I uploaded several keynote presentations which I made in the past.
If you are interested in mobile multimedia, content delivery over wireless network, and cell-phone sensors, please visit this URL http://micketoh.web.fc2.com/keynote.htm

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shanen said...

Any news since then? I'm thinking about picking up an Android phone soon, but my Japanese is sadly limited. However, I can say that my context is that I'm mostly interested in recovering the function I lost when Palm PDAs died out, and I'm more interested in the cellular modem functions than talking on the phone...

Including my current results, there seem to be only four Android options in Japan, with the newest being a Sharp from KDDI for this month.