The 2008 cherry blossoms have come in Tokyo.

Tokyo as like other cities in Europe and East Asia (NOTE: unlike L.A. in California) is compact enough to go everywhere on your foot. Late March and April always gift us marvelous opportunities to do. It is a kind of picnic. March 29 was the day which gave Tokyoite shine and full-bloom cherry blossoms. Thus I have no way not to go out. I visited with friends Chidori-ga-fuchi (Pond of Plovers) which is near the imperial palace. “Fuchi” means a pond in general. The place used to be a moat of Edo Castle.

It was a best day for us to walk around Tokyo.
Cherries were in full-bloom! We started the picnic from Kundan-shita subway station and walked to Iidabash JR station. Cherries cheered us up to walk more than 10km.
After having seen spectacular cherry-white sceneries, Shinjuku welcomed us for a series of social events.

For more pictures, please visit http://picasaweb.google.co.jp/micknerd/The2008CherryBlossomsComeInTokyo

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