Celeste... no es un color

According to Wikipedia, Bianchi bicycles are traditionally painted in the highly recognizable "Celeste", (Pronounced che-les-te) a turquoise colour also known as "Bianchi GREEN." There are two opposing legends concerning the origin of this colour - some say it is the colour of the Milan sky, others say it was the colour of the eyes of the former Queen of Italy, for whom Edoardo Bianchi once made a bicycle.

I’d always dreamed to own a Bianchi of ”Celeste.”

The pictures shows a folding bicycle which I bought yesterday for my family’s town riding. See http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=DAhXTCtrVck to know how it is folded.
That’s an OEM of BD-1 (a famous holding bike brand) to Bianchi, manufactured at
Taiwan. No matter where the bike was made, I have been loving the turquoise color.

Celeste isn’t just a color but something special which attracts cyclists and make them enthusiastic.

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